Chegus is a privately owned Group started its operations in 2008.

The Software development business was conceptualized in Nov 2012 and Chegus Infotech was formed in March 2013 in the city of Bangalore, India

Chegus Infotech is a product development oriented Software Company – Currently working on “Insurance Applications”

Our focus currently is development of applications related to Insurance industry and our next target is to expand into financial products for small & medium scale financial institutions

The company is promoted by first generation entrepreneurs – Mr Srinivas Vittal , Ms. Lakshmi Kumari and Ms. Neethi Mannaji.

Chegus Group - A bit about us…..

Started in 2008 in one country we have expanded our business into 4 countries and 2 entirely different business segments. We started as a commodity trading company and diversified into Software Development.

Our Commodity Trading activities from year 2009 have increased by about 90% by volume year on year till 2014

Chegus Commodities Ltd.

Commenced operations in Ghana in the year 2008 - representing a Swiss MNC company in parts of Africa – selling rice on behalf of the MNC Company – expanded into exports of green coffee and Raw Cashew nuts to Asia

Chegus Burkina SARL - started in Burkina Faso in 2009. We are buying and exporting commodities such as Sesame and Raw Cashew Nuts to Asia and Europe.

Chegus CI SARL - started in Ivory Coast in 2012. We are buying and exporting Raw Cashew nuts and importing and selling Rice from Asia.

Chegus Infotech